By the time summertime comes around, it seems to be just the perk we need to energize and get us back on our feet.  It helps to spend time away from the ordinary of life, or so we think.  Just a little time "away" and all will be better, right? Yes, in some cases that is right, but  at other times it's just getting away from a job you don't like, avoiding a person that is hard to deal with or just having down time to not think.  Have you been in that place? Getting a new perspectives can help.  That's what this site is about, new ways to look at yourself, your marriage, your children. It's easy, in the midst of life, to overlook our self while trying to please others.

Our biggest problem is learning to be our self with all our heart.  You may have heard the statement, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken."  It's true. And when we are an original, a masterpiece, why should we work toward being a counterfeit?

I took this photo not so long ago because it reminded me how often we try to "fix up" the outside when it's  our inner self that needs the work. We can  be at the bottom in our life and yet aggressively try to meet every expectation required of us. That makes life hard, that makes us tired and unhappy.   Though this can happen to all of us at one point or the other, it is not supposed to be the norm. There's a better way. That's what I talk about here!  Come along. You may decide on a lifestyle change. And there's someone dedicated to helping you!

Here I tell some of my experiences in life, marriage and raising kids, and how I've learned to  accept who I am, mistakes and all.  But most of all I've learned  the true secret to life and that alone is worth your time.

I am a psychology major,  a southern writer,  a columnist for Parents and Kids Magazine
  and an inspirational speaker.   I write to encourage women
and to remind you of your uniqueness.




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