As I watch changing seasons, I think of things I have learned in the seasons of life. I never knew I had so much to learn, but am finally to a place where I can acknowledge that I did. Just maybe, as you review this site, you will find something that will challenge you, surprise you, or make you determined to take advantage of every minute as you experience changing life  seasons.  They are short, you know, so it's best we savor every minute.  

Here I tell some of my experiences in life, in marriage and raising children, and how I've learned to   accept myself as unique, as we all are.  But most of all I've learned  the true secret to life and that alone is worth creating this website. Come along!  You just may have an aha moment on one of these pages.

"Life ain't no dress rehearsal!
Mark Twain




I am a psychology major,  a southern writer,  a columnist for Parents and Kids Magazine
  and an inspirational speaker.   I write to encourage women
and to remind you of your uniqueness.


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